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Measurement of involatile fraction content

The fundamental standard to determine this parameter is ČSN EN ISO 3251 – Paint materials and plastics – determining the content of involatile fractions. This standard is a Czech language version of the EN ISO 3251:2003 standard. Note: For some practical reasons we opt to make slight deviations from the standard.


  1. Three cleaned and dry dishes to be weighed with a maximum possible accuracy.
  2. Using a dropper or otherwise, 1 ± 0,1 g of the sample is brought onto each dish to be spread evenly over the dish bottom and weighed with a maximum possible accuracy.
  3. The dishes are then let to stand as they are at the ambient temperature for the period of 10 minutes.
  4. The samples to be put into a drier which has been tempered to the prescribed temperature (see the table below).
  5. The dishes to spend the prescribed period of time in the drier (see the table below).
  6. The prescribed period having elapsed, the dishes to be removed from the drier.
  7. The dishes are then weighed with a maximum possible accuracy.

The content of involatile fractions to be calculated according to the following formula:

NV = (m2 – m0) / (m1 – m0) x 100

where: NV is the percentage content of involatile fractions

m0 is the weight of the empty dish in grams

m1 is the weight of the dish with the test sample in grams

m2 is the weight of the dish with the remainder in grams

Prescribed values for individual lacquers

PRIMER VIKTOR 400 a 44280°C
All the other lacquers105°C

The value measured is given in weight percentage with the accurracy of 0,1%.

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