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Determining the density of lacquers through pycnometric method

The procedure is based on the ČSN EN ISO 2811-1 standard – Paint materials – determining the density – Pycnometric method. This standard is a Czech language version of the EN ISO 2411-1:2001 standard. We apply a Gay-Lussac 25 or 50 ml pycnometer.


  1. Both the sample and the pycnometer to be tempered to the temperature of 20 ± 0,5°C. The pycnometer to be weighed with a maximum possible accuracy using an analytical balance.
  2. The pycnometr to be filled with a lacquer sample in such a way as to eliminate creation and content of bubbles.
  3. The pycnometer is carefully sealed so that the ground joint is fully fitting. The lacquer which has outflown from the pycnometer to be thoroughly cleaned with a solvent.
  4. The pycnometer that contains the tested lacquer to be weighed with a maximum possible accuracy.

The lacquer´s density ρ expressed in grams per mililiter at the test temperature of 20 ± 0,5°C shall be calculated according to the following equation:

ρ = (m2 – m1) / Vt

where: ρ is the density expressed in grams per mililiter

m1 is the weight of empty pycnometer in grams

m2 is the weight of pycnometer with the test sample at 20 ± 0,5°C in grams

Vt is the volume of the pycnometer in mililiters at 20 ± 0,5°C.

The value measured is given with the accurracy of 0,01 grams per mililiter.

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